July 19, 2012

Deploy a web app in one step

It's easy to run a web app.

As chromatic posted, you can do it in 8 easy steps. Only 8 hurdles to jump!

That's way too many for me. It's definitely way too many for a Perl developer to advocate; it's not like we have the hipsters on our side, so we have to do better in order to win mindshare. Much better.

mojolicious: web in a box

And that's where Mojolicious comes in.

Install the toolchain in under 10 seconds with a fresh Perl installation:

curl -L tempi.re/bundles/mojo-deploy-heroku | sh

Generate an app:

mojo generate lite_app hellomojo

And that's where my new hipster tool comes in.

mojo deploy heroku logo

hellomojo deploy heroku -n hellomojo


Deployed in just one step

In less than a minute

You don't have to know how to use git. Or the Heroku tools. You don't have to know how Heroku works. Hell, you don't even need to know what Heroku is, because the command will tell you where to sign up when you're prompted for your credentials.

There are many details involved in running a successful web app, but the name of the game here is accessibility. Reducing the hurdles, or barriers of entry, allows developers to learn what they need when they need it, and avoid complication until it becomes necessary.

Easy. Simple. Accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, we need more than a blog entry and some pod on search.cpan.org; we need a dedicated landing page with docs, workflow, and a screencast demonstrating usage:

Deploy Perl Mojolicious web apps to Heroku in one step screenshot of mojo deploy website

Forget shopping. Let's go programming.

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