October 31, 2014

Mojo News: Mango

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the Mojolicious sister project, Mango (Non-blocking Mojo-based driver for MongoDB) has been deprecated. Frustrations with the direction of the MongoDB project have led to this difficult decision, but ultimately, time is better spent elsewhere.

Official Announcement

But what about non-blocking database access?

It’s ok!

Now we have Mojo::Pg, returning us to our relational database roots with Postgres. There’s even been an attempt at Mojo::mysql, though the outcome of that project is up in the air; that is, until you (yes, you!) decide to contribute.

JSON Document storage in Postgres

If you’re wondering how to handle JSON document storage in the future, keep an eye out for Postgres 9.4, which introduces a fancy new JSON binary type, and a fancy new query syntax to boot:

SELECT '{"bar": "baz", "balance": 7.77, "active":false}'::jsonb;

Most importantly, we have a confirmation from the #mojo irc channel on the following piece of information:

franzkafka Wait, are you a fan of Hello Kitty?
sri Who isn’t?

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