September 12, 2011

Mojocast #3: Authentication, Helpers, and Plugins

The response for Mojocast #2 was even more overwhelming than the first episode.

How overwhelming?

mojocast e2 #1 on hackernews.png

That's right, your upvotes matter. Within 6 minutes of posting, it was secured on the front page. Within 20 minutes, it was #1.

Consider the reality here: the most watched site on the internet by hackers/developers had a Perl-related post in the top spot. It remained on the front page for 6 hours, which is pretty good for a screencast with no article attached. That's a solid group of folks with a lot of potential aha moments in Perl's favor.

Bottom line: If you care about the marketing of Perl and its exposure among the masses, consider upvoting the Mojocast, leave a comment, and spread the word!

Hooray Perl!

Speaking of which,

Mojocast #3: Authentication, Helpers, and Plugins

Hackernews post

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