November 14, 2011

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

It's Mojocast Monday, kids, which means a brand new Mojocast for your perusing pleasure.

Continuing to demonstrate Mojolicious::Lite, the Mojocasts are moving through Mojolicious basics, so newcomers can get up and running more quickly than ever (And dare I say it, have fun at the same time. gasp).

As the screencasts continue, you can bet your sweet ponycorn we'll be covering some of the more cutting-edge features, such as web-sockets and event-driven web apps.

For now, however, we have another installment to make sure those old and new can get started quickly with Perl web development, without a lot of fuss.

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

Keep in mind - the shortcuts link to specific times in the screencast, so you can share/bookmark specific topics.

Thank you to @kure_ji_neko and elb0w for agreeing to host the Mojocast video files. We can all feel that much more hip by using HTML5 video instead of flash.

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