May 27, 2014

Mojoconf - A New World

I've attended YAPC. It's great for talking about the shared experience of Perl by people who use and enjoy it.

What I found with Mojoconf, however, is that it's attended by people who are excited about Mojolicious. Not just people who are content, or prefer it, but who are excited about it. They're excited about the possibilities of not just the web framework aspect of it, but the true power of the core toolkit to construct amazing applications.

One of the talks described how an enterprise moved from a Java-based system to Mojolicious; their developers can iterate faster, be more responsive, and be more flexible.

A Java-turned-Mojolicious shop because it's better for the business.

The first commercial workshop for non-blocking services with Mojolicious was a dramatic success. It was sold out, and the results were remarkable. "Difficult" concepts were understood, and the attendees were passionate about becoming not only familiar, but competent in non-blocking programming.

When a group of people finally get it - when they understand the ramifications of having thousands of simultaneously non-blocking operations - when they realize they can create those next-generation applications they've been dreaming about...everything changes. It's not about Perl anymore. It's about creating groundbreaking products.

Next year, I'll certainly be at Mojoconf. Not only because I'm involved with the project, but because the new features that have yet to appear in Mojolicious are going to open up even more possibilities. Because there is a guarantee that whatever is in store for Mojolicious over this next year is going to change the face of the community yet again.


It's always fresh. It's always fun.

This is the new world.

Welcome to Mojolicious.

Welcome to Mojoconf.

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