January 11, 2011

Mojolicious Plugins

I've recently released a couple more Mojolicious Plugins:

They're quite simple, and match the Mojolicious::Plugin::BasicAuth implementation.

SslAuth uses the recently added TLS certificate authentication support in Mojolicious 1.01.

The first argument passed to the callback sub is the IO handle, giving you access to whatever IO::Socket::SSL provides. (get_cipher, for example).

ParamsAuth is very basic, its purpose being to keep your params-based authentication uniform with other auth-types.

The arguments passed to the callback are the values from the named form or query parameters.

BasicAuth has been around for a while, and uses a similar interface:

If you're looking to be hip with the latest oauth goodness, Marcus Ramberg recently released Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2.


On a side note, Вячеслав Тихановский (vti) updated MojoX::Validator only days ago. It is, to date, the only form validation helper that doesn't make me think Amway would have been a better career choice. It can be integrated into Mojolicious or used separately. And, like Mojolicious, the code is easy to understand and contribute to. Join up!

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