December 28, 2012

More Mojolicious ConsoleLogger

Mojolicious::Plugin::ConsoleLogger has been updated to provide an even easier Mojolicious debugging experience.

Previously, all log information displayed in the browser console, and you've been able to see every bridge, route, and template processed by the request:


This is great; you don't have to tab back to the terminal - you can see what's going on right in the browser as you're looking at the content.

Let's take it a step further, though. As an application grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember what's available in the session, the stash, and the config. A number of questions arise in the midst of development:

> What exactly was the format of that stash object? What about the value? Is it empty? What about the user id in the session? Am I even logged in? Halp!

We can halp. Mojolicious::Plugin::ConsoleLogger now displays the Config, the Session, and the Stash, in addition to the logging goodness of before.

The entire state of your Mojolicious app is available right from the browser window, and all it takes is just one CPAN module, and just one line of Perl.


cpanm Mojolicious::Plugin::ConsoleLogger



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