April 28, 2013


Ever since Google Reader shut down, I've found myself perusing ironman.enlightenedperl.org directly for Perl blogs. While the desire for Ironman status is no longer a priority, the effort had its intended effect in creating a steady stream of consumable Perl articles.

I appreciate the existence of the site, as it's provided a valuable role in the community, though I must admit, my desire for aesthetics are not quite fulfilled by its presentation.

Yesterday, I clicked on "Older posts" for the last time, as I've made a new site for blog aggregation, Perlr.com, complete with a fancy color scheme, a new article with recommendations for Perl community newcomers, and a logo based on Sebastian's Perl5 logo. No more paging, Perlr will display the list of all articles on the initial load, forever available with the flick of a mouse.

And of course, the Perl raptor.

For some extra flair, each article displays the author's cpan-related gravatar, if they've included their PAUSE id in the feed metadata. If you've never been a contributor to the ironman feed, now is the perfect time for you to get on that boat. Submit your blog feed today.

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